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Quote from Steven King
posted by Ed Farber on November 27, 2013

Whether it's a printed-paper book or ebook, this quote by Steven King sums it up nicely. If you like it, share it.

posted by Ed Farber on November 2, 2013

I wrote a ghost story called The Lady in Red (it's in my ebook, Echoes of Clara Avenue) and because it had a St. Louis background I submitted it to Rocking Horse Publishing hoping it would be included in a forthcoming anthology, Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories. I'm happy to report that this anthology, edited by St. Louis authors Robin Tidwell and Shannon Yarbrough, is now out as an Amazon ebook and print edition. And my story is in it. You can find the book locally at Robin's bookstore, All on the Same Page Bookstore, 11052 Olive St. Rd. in Creve Coeur, Mo.(suburb of St. Louis.)

As for my story, when my granddaughter, Allie Farber, was just a little girl (she's now quite a young lady of 13) she reported to her parents that she had seen a lady in an upstairs bedroom of their home. No one else had seen this apparition but Allie. Since her house had been recently built it was unlikely that it was haunted, but perhaps it was some spirit who had once lived upon the land on which the house was built? Who knows.

That incident in young Allie's life was the spark for my story. Of course, I changed it considerably, placing it in the early 1900s in a house that was already old at that time. But the little girl in my story does see a mysterious lady dressed in a red gown in the house. Who was that lady and why was she there? You'll have to read the story either in the anthology (along with other spine-tingling tales) or in my book (along with other stories about the characters who once lived on Clara Avenue.)