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Archive - December, 2013

On Book Reviews
posted by Ed Farber on December 21, 2013

Authors always look for book reviews on their work. Naturally, we all would like to have 5-star reviews, but just getting any book review seems very difficult. I have 10 book reviews on Looking Back with a Smile (eight 5-star and two 4-star) which they tell me is very good. I have only one review on my new book, Echoes of Clara Avenue, a collection of short stories (5-star). I would certainly love it if everyone who purchased one of the books would add a review, but I’ve been told that only a few (including family members and friends) actually will.

I guess the average reader thinks that a book review must be a long, involved discourse written by a professional book reviewer. Wrong! It doesn’t have to be long and certainly not by a professional. Here’s one written for my book, Looking Back with a Smile: Excellent book. Brought back many good memories. I would suggest this book for anyone who wants to know how life was before computers, cell phones, and quick money.(5-star review) Just three brief sentences.

Here’s another:  Great read. Proof that an "ordinary" life is full of fun and extrordinary events. I loved it and so will anyone who enjoys listening to their parents and grandparents talk about their lives.

No long discourse. Just a few sentences to tell why they liked it. There are some longer reviews on my Amazon book page, but a short review is certainly welcome (as long as it doesn’t say: This book stinks! )

Anyway, if you purchased (or, I hope will purchase) either book, please take a few minutes and write a review. Go to the Amazon Kindle page thru the links below and let ‘er rip! Thanks.

Looking Back with a Smile (for Kindle)

Smashwords (for Nook and other e-readers

Echoes of Clara Avenue  A collection of short stories




Teaching Art to Seniors
posted by Ed Farber on December 15, 2013


I teach art classes to both elementary school-age kids and to adult seniors in assisted living facilities. Both groups, although far separated in age, are a delight to me and fun to teach. The kids are bright and eager to experiment. The elderly adults are a little more fearful to tackle a project, but once involved they have as much fun as the kids (and are a lot less noisy.)

One of the adult seniors in my class was a gentleman who always signed his creations: Art by Glenn. Glenn was an enthusiastic member of the class. For several years he was the lone male among a bevy of females. On one occasion when I asked the class what subject they would like to draw next, Glenn, with a wide grin, suggested that we have a nude model from among the class members. Nobody volunteered. Glenn said he would.

Glenn worked rapidly in class. I usually took the class through the project, demonstrating how to get the drawing down, step by step. Glenn was too impatient to wait for my demonstrations. While some of the students obviously needed the step-by-step instruction, Glenn would forge ahead on his own, finishing way before the rest.

He loved color and would lay on the oil pastels, markers or whatever medium we were using quickly and with relish. He had his own ideas of color and if we were drawing, let’s say, a brown and white cow, his might turn out to be violet and orange.

Sadly, Glenn won’t be taking any more classes. He died this past year, and I certainly miss his presence in the class and his colorful artwork. I’ve included one of his creations here.