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Archive - April, 2014

posted by Ed Farber on April 24, 2014

In a previous post (March 18) I mentioned that my unpublished novel, Elixir of the Incas, had been entered in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and had made it through the first round. Now, I'm happy to announce that the novel has made it into the quarter finals. If you follow my Facebook pages, you've already seen this announcement. Sorry for any redundancy. My blog entries automatically appear on my Facebook pages.

I'll tell you why I'm so pleased. About 10,000 novels are usually entered into this annual contest. I entered last year and never made it past anything. Now, in my category of General Fiction I'm competing with 125 other novels. The categories in the contest are: General Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Fantasy/Horror/Science Fiction, Romance, and Young Adult Fiction, each with 125 quarter finalists. To get this far along, I think, is gratifying for me as a writer even if I get no further. Win or lose I intend to have the novel published.

The book is a historical novel set in the 1890's theatrical and music world of Old New York. I had a lot of fun researching the times. I learned, among a myriad of things, that a song's popularity back then was measured by the number of printed music sheets sold by the company who published the music. The record industry had just been born back then and had no real impact on popular music.

New York was the center for the music publishing industry, and just as it is today, it was the center for musical productions in the theaters of the day. Broadway was not yet known as the Great White Way. That tag alluded to all the bright, electrical marquees of the theaters that were installed at the turn of the century. At the time of the novel it is the Gaslight Era or as some call it the Gay Nineties.

In upcoming posts I'll talk more about the novel's setting.