Maybe I should have named my blog Potpourri or Pastiche or simply a Savory Stew because I aim to throw a lot of different things into the pot, mostly about reading, writing and art, but many other things, too, because I’ve lived a long time and have a lot of interests. I also will include here thoughts of others I come upon who share my loves. Including those of you who care to share your thoughts and impressions.
Changing Book Cover Art
posted by Ed Farber on May 31, 2013

There are many experts out there who talk about the importance of a more

Two Grammar NO-NOs that are Myths!
posted by Ed Farber on May 20, 2013

Most of us writers remember at least two grammatical errors we were told never to commit. One was: don’t end a sentence with a preposition. The other was: never split an infinitive.

In an interesting article in the more

Where do ideas come from?
posted by Ed Farber on May 14, 2013

In a forthcoming interview (I’ll let you know when it will appear) one of the interview questions was: Where do your ideas come from?

Interesting question. All of our ideas come from the synapses in our brain but how do they more

My Newest Book is Out!
posted by Ed Farber on May 9, 2013

Hooray! My new collection of short stories, Echoes of Clara Avenue is now available as an Ebook at Amazon Kindle!

I would greatly appreciate any comments on the cover, the blurb on my book page, and the sample. You can read all more

A Tip on Self-Editing Your Book
posted by Ed Farber on April 20, 2013

A Tip on Self-Editing Your Writing

David Sedaris, best-selling humorist, offers a suggestion in an article by Kristin Hohenadel to help writers discover errors in pre-published manuscripts, something every writer, more

On Being an Intuitive Painter
posted by Ed Farber on April 18, 2013

I’ve read books and articles by artists who know exactly the correct combinations of colors to use for the effect they want in the paintings they create. Oh, to know beforehand in such detail how to lay on the paint. I envy those who can more

Here’s a Review I Just Wrote for Goodreads
posted by Ed Farber on April 14, 2013

It’s a short story by Mike Ronney on Goodreads. Here’s the link for the story:

read more

Cover Design for my New Book
posted by Ed Farber on April 10, 2013

Being an artist and a writer has its advantages. For my new book I used one of my paintings as the cover illustration. The title of the book as I mentioned in an earlier blog is Echoes of Clara Avenue. The title of the painting which I more

Goodreads Is for Readers (and authors)
posted by Ed Farber on April 7, 2013

Last year, I joined Goodreads on the internet, an immense group of people who love reading books, plus writers, like me, who want to spread the word about their own book. I discovered that, while I love to read, some of the contributors on more

Vampires, Zombies and Other Popular Genres
posted by Ed Farber on April 7, 2013

I uncovered a fact about reading (and writing) today which was a surprise to me but not to most people out there. The most popular genres appear to be supernatural (vampires, zombies, ghouls and ghosts); a subgenre of that genre: romance ( more