Maybe I should have named my blog Potpourri or Pastiche or simply a Savory Stew because I aim to throw a lot of different things into the pot, mostly about reading, writing and art, but many other things, too, because I’ve lived a long time and have a lot of interests. I also will include here thoughts of others I come upon who share my loves. Including those of you who care to share your thoughts and impressions.
When You Part Company with Your Publisher
posted by Ed Farber on April 11, 2016

Apologies for not having written here in some time. But I've been busier than normal. The reason? I am right in the middle of re-publishing my novel, Elixir of the Incas. The original publisher of the novel and I have concluded more

What the Heck is "Elixir of the Incas"???
posted by Ed Farber on February 19, 2015

Elixir of the Incas, my new novel, has been published by Rocking Horse Publishing and is now available on Amazon in both print and ebook editions.

It’s a great feeling when you first see your book in print, no matter what more

Quote from Steven King
posted by Ed Farber on November 27, 2013

Whether it's a printed-paper book or ebook, this quote by Steven King sums it up nicely. If you like it, share more

Goodreads Is for Readers (and authors)
posted by Ed Farber on April 7, 2013

Last year, I joined Goodreads on the internet, an immense group of people who love reading books, plus writers, like me, who want to spread the word about their own book. I discovered that, while I love to read, some of the contributors on more