Maybe I should have named my blog Potpourri or Pastiche or simply a Savory Stew because I aim to throw a lot of different things into the pot, mostly about reading, writing and art, but many other things, too, because I’ve lived a long time and have a lot of interests. I also will include here thoughts of others I come upon who share my loves. Including those of you who care to share your thoughts and impressions.
QWERTY...Do You Know What It Stands For?
posted by Ed Farber on October 19, 2015

It’s an odd word isn’t it? Actually it’s not a word at all, but if you use a computer keyboard you’ve seen it often.  Take a look at the first six keys on the line below the more

Before the PC or Mac there was the TYPEWRITER
posted by Ed Farber on June 24, 2013

Most of you younger writers have never used a typewriter. How lucky you are.

Consider this. Back before PCs and Macs became the tools for writers, when you were working on a manuscript and wanted to rewrite a paragraph or a sentence more