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How Old is Too Old to Be an Author?
posted by Ed Farber on August 27, 2015

You're never too old to become an author!

I began years ago by writing short stories for publication after I retired at age 66, and quite a number of my stories were published in literary journals. That's a great way to hone your craft. Submit and submit and keep doing it despite rejection slips (and keep rewriting to make your writing the best it can be).

My first book was published when I was 80, my second at 81 and my newest book, a novel, was published this year by Rocking Horse Publishing, a small-press publisher (click on "Books and Stories" on my website,  )

With the tremendous growth of Amazon and other self-publishing venues, it's easier than ever to become a published author--at any age. A word of caution, however...there are many so-called "vanity press" companies who will take a bunch of your hard-earned money to publish your book. Avoid them. Get yourself educated in such companies as Amazon Kindle where you can have an ebook version of your book published for no money at all or the POD (print on demand) companies that charge very little. But it does take a little research to get the hang of it. There's plenty of information online. Just do your homework.

So age doesn't matter, but time does. The traditional publishing route (seek an agent who will then try to peddle your book) takes a lot of time and luck. But if you're just starting to write in your senior years, get to it. Get your story or stories down. If time does matter for you, try the self-publishing or independent route. It's the hottest thing out there now, surpassing traditional publishing in sheer numbers. Once you've perfected your book (and that takes skill and much rewriting and editing) go for it. You're never too old.

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